Get up to 8x more partnership opportunities without the hassle of prospecting

Drive customer loyalty and acquire new leads with strategic partnerships

Expand your reach, boost engagement and drive sales with strategic partnerships

Brands we have successfully collaborated with

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With construckk, partnerships can now be a consistent driver of growth

Streamline hours of prospecting to minutes

We recommend relevant partner profiles, eliminating the need to scour various social media channels for new contacts and the cold manual outreach.

Discover opportunities without the need to search

Receive invitations from synergistic partners to collaborate on campaigns that deliver tangible results.

Partner with confidence

Each business joining us undergoes a screening process to verify legitimacy and genuine interest in collaborating.

How it works

Create your Profile
We’ll ask you a few questions to better understand your business and target customer demographics.
Receive your customised profile suggestions
Based on your inputs, we will provide profile recommendations that are most aligned with your business.
Connect and collaborate
Choose who you would like to collaborate with from our list of curated partners.

Helping brands achieve collective growth

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Time Saved from Prospecting for Suitable Partners

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Impressions Generated per Collaboration

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Additional Revenue Generated for B2C Partners

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Members Have Experienced Improved Satisfaction Across Our Fitness Partners

Elevate Your POS Experience with Personalized Reports

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Reduction in inventory holding costs stock management.

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Ensuring shorter queues and happier customers.

Hear it from those who love us

The service provided an invaluable level of support, enabling me to maintain my focus on the task at hand while entrusting construckk with the crucial responsibility of securing the most suitable partners for me.

Their dedication and expertise not only relieved me of the partnership-related concerns but also ensured a seamless and effective process.

Ollie Wang, Director

REVL Singapore

We were able to get so many partners involved thanks to construckk. They seriously understood the assignment and got us the best support within such a short period of time. 

Go check them out!

Clarence Teo, Co-Founder

Fitstop Holland Village

construckk was incredibly supportive in ensuring that both brands got the most out of the collaboration. They were on point with communication and task-oriented.

The collaboration not only helped us improve the experience for our existing consumers but also helped to spread the word about our brand

Zac Chan, Co-Founder

EMPWR Performance Training

We’re strong believers in going the extra mile and doing things differently than what most people do. construckk has been very proactive to reach out to us any time there is any opportunity and has always looked out to benefit us.

We’ve met many new partners through construckk and generated new leads and sales for our company.

Aamir Manasawala, Founder

Pro Nutrition

construckk provided tailored recommendations that perfectly suited my business. 

Our collaboration with S30 enabled us to reach a community of ideal followers through social content, resulting in over 12,000 views.

The Muscle Lab

Muscle Recovery Specialists

It was an accurate partnership match-up. construckk was highly responsive and open to discussing and providing ideas and requests to make the collaboration more meaningful.

This partnership helped Bold gain brand awareness among REVL members through event brand placements and social exchanges.

Shuting Ou, Brand Executive

The Bold Co