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While we serve all types of B2C businesses, we find that construckk is specially beneficial for:

Lean teams playing multiple roles

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Invest your time and effort in the day-to-day things while you entrust us with the things we do best: Matchmaking!

Startups looking to explore

Whether it's testing new products or connecting with target customers, we have got you covered.

Partnerships are a great way to experiment and innovate without breaking the bank.

Businesses expanding to new markets and channels

Access new audiences without hefty upfront investments, while evaluating new territories at a lower risk through collaborations such as product placements and/or cross-promotions.

Partnership Managers

We understand the time-consuming nature of lead generation and acquisition.

Let us accelerate the process by taking care of that for you, allowing you to focus on the strategic aspects of your role.

What our happy couples are saying

Collab with REVL

We’re strong believers in going the extra mile and doing things differently than what most people do. construckk has been very proactive to reach out to us any time there is any opportunity and has always looked out to benefit us.

We’ve met many new partners through construckk and generated new leads and sales for our company.
Pro Nutrition
Sports Supplements
REVL Games

The service provided an invaluable level of support, enabling me to maintain my focus on the task at hand while entrusting construckk with the crucial responsibility of securing the most suitable partners for me.

Their dedication and expertise not only relieved me of the partnership-related concerns but also ensured a seamless and effective process.
REVL Singapore
Strength & Conditioning Gym
TML x S30 Workout

The service was well targeted and met my expectations.

The group workout allowed us to generate social content, which garnered over 12k views on our end.
The Muscle Lab
Muscle Recovery Specialists

Industries we have worked with

Fitness Studios

Food & Beverage

Apparel & Fashion

Beauty &
Personal Care

Health & Wellness

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